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With Your Local PT, here is what you get:

  • An awesome variety of group training programs. Our group training program offers a very supportive environment and the shared motivation of others working hard with you. A very affordable way to get great results.
  • Convenient one-on-one mobile personal training sessions. By having us travel to you, whether that is at your home or in a local park, you can eliminate the time ans stress associated with training in a gym. This method of training is also a lot more specific and private – great for clients recovering from major injuries or health concerns.
  • Your own health and fitness coach. Whichever form of training suits you the best, you will always have Your Local PT trainer with you as your coach. Though phone calls, emails and our regular newsletter – we are always here to help when we can. You can even call us when you are grocery shopping to ask what type of foods to buy (don’t laugh – it happens).
  • Accountability. It is our job to make you accountable.  Sounds easy doesn’t it? Once you decide on your method of training, it is then our job to make sure you show up for the sessions and give us what you have and sometimes more. We know that acti0on equals results and it is our job to produce the action.
  • Having some fun. In this current time and place, so much of our lives are run in a very matter of fact, life or death manner – we have all taken too many serious pills. At Your Local PT, we think that life is good and when you train with us laughter is a completely valid ab exercise.

If we provide all of this in one service, here’s what will happen to you:

  1. Lose the weight you have always wanted. With our training methods, you will increase your metabolism and burn energy not only during but also after your workout.
  1. Get lean and defined in your whole body. It is our business to make people look great and we have been doing it for a long time.
  2. Sleep better. Because of your increased activities levels you will fall into a deeper sleep faster.
  3. Improve your mood. You will not only become more rested and relaxed throughout your day, but you will start looking better which will boost your confidence and self esteem.
  4. Increase your energy. You will JUMP out of bed and feel great all day long.

Now, here is what it takes to get in shape:Call this number: 0422 063 024 or email us at or contact us

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