Chickpea Delight

A fresh, hearty salad when in a rush!

400g chickpeas
1 carrot
1 red onion
7-12 blanched almonds
2 bunches parsley
1-2 limes
Peppers, spices to flavor

*Use organic produce where possible


Rinse and wash chickpeas if from can or remove from water if been soaking overnight.  Dice onion and mix with squeezed lime juice in bowl, leave to sit for 5 minutes.  Grate carrot, chop parsley, chop almonds in half if desire.  Mix with chickpeas and add to onion mix.  Mix altogether.  Add pepper and lime to taste buds sensation.  Enjoy!  SERVES 2

Nutritional information – Calories = 461.  Vegetarian source of amino acids (building blocks of protein for growth and muscles!), rich source of Vitamin A and C for healthy immune function (especially in Winter) and glowing skin!  Also good source of calcium and magnesium, minerals integral for bone and muscle health.

For best digestion, don’t forget to chew slowly and if possible eat with friends or family even if you only have fifteen minutes to spare!  Another healthy trick for digestion is to walk 100 steps after eating, an ayurvedic (Indian philosophy) principle!

By Millie – Mu Naturopathy

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