Unlimited Energy

It seems from the prolific sales of coffee and energy drinks that most people want more energy. It is a shame that most of the people who want more energy don’t know how to get it or feel trapped by circumstances and grab for that instant hit whenever they feel low which is more often then not sending them in the wrong direction long term.

  1. The biggest energy booster, an unlimited supply, is to have direction. Move towards a positive exciting future by working constantly on high value tasks that are important to you and central to your core values. Tap into your potential, using your gifts and abilities and do everything that you do with enthusiasm. A major hurdle is procrastination, kill it before it gets you. Are you in the right job?
  2. If you want the kind of energy that keeps you in perpetual motion during the day then you need to sleep at night. Sleep is vital to the body, there is so much repair work, growth and development that happens when we sleep to help us recover for the next day. It is also a fantastic opportunity to give your subconscious mind the right signals, just before you go to bed and then again when you wake up, to have the right mental set to become the person who you really want to be. 7-8 hours minimum of restful non broken sleep in a room that’s dark enough, on a supportive mattress without distractions to stir you through the night.
  3. To get a rocket to take off you have to give it the absolutely best fuel at precisely the right time. To have exceptional energy through the day you need to be hydrated (not currently thirsty doesn’t cut it) and be eating high quality, preservative free, natural, healthy, in season foods throughout the day in the right proportions.
  4. To really excel you need to be fit. The body does need some fat stores for fuel, padding and insulation, but anything extra beyond is holding you back and weighing down every single step you take. The sense of freedom that comes from knowing that you can run a marathon or participate to a level in any sport is amazing. Why splash around in the shallows when you explore the depths.
  5. To have unlimited energy you will have to make changes. Changes can be scary, uncomfortable and seldom encouraged by peers. Make it easier by surrounding yourself with excited, energetic, inspiration people and talk about accomplishments, goals, and dreams not tv, put downs and general gossip.

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