Cultivating the Right Mental Attitude

Most people want to look good and be healthy but do they have the right attitude to achieve their goals?

Some people will start doing some extra fitness training and make changes to their diet to improve their health and fitness but have reservations about pushing hard at training or aren’t prepared to ditch their coffee and cake. I might say that it is fantastic that they are making an effort to improve their health and fitness but could potentially get much better results with more effort. Some people get distracted by the cost of training

The big problem with more effort and getting the right attitude is that in most people’s lives health and fitness is a low priority compared to work, home, socialising, relaxing, and eating. If you look at a time break up of where you spend your time (life) most people spend at least 8hrs a day at work and then 8hrs sleeping which only leaves 8hrs for everything else including getting to and from work, eating, family etc If you think about it fitness training is competing with taking it easy, that new tv program, family time, sleep etc

If you can cultivate the right mental attitude by deciding that your

  • fitness is an important enough goal
  • food preparation and healthy eating is important
  • goal setting and habitual change is important

then you will make more effort in every area regardless as to distractions or cost.

Get start, work hard and often, and don’t stop until you achieve your goal.

By Michael from Vivos Active

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