Be Prepared

Are you missing out on good healthy meals because you just haven’t set up your kitchen?

Jamie Oliver whips up 3 quality dishes in just 30min.
Jamie is a big advocate for being organized and when you watch him cooking has everything at his finger tips.

  • Plan your week before you go shopping, go with some solid choices but add 1-2  new recipes
  • When you put shopping away prepare food that can be;
    • Marinate some meat
    • Skin and dice some rock melon
    • Cut the tops of the celery and make some sticks
    • Restock containers etc
  • Have tidy cupboards where it is easy to find items and to see  if you have or need more
  • Have containers with core cooking ingredients and spices
  • Have a range of common fresh herbs in pots on the window ledge
  • Have frozen vegetables for those times when you run out of fresh or cant get to the shops
  • Have sharp knives
  • Have pots and pans accessible
  • Practice cooking, if you have made the recipe 30 times and know what to do off the top of your head it all happens very quickly
  • Precook and freeze things like soups for those times when you need something quick or are feeling lazy

If you want to get serious about your health you need to be cooking well for yourself. Try some health cooking classes, buy quality equipment, and get fresh organic food delivered to your door.

By Michael from Vivos Active

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