Time is your most precious resource

How you spend your time has a dramatic effect on your health and fitness, family, education, personal relationships, success at work and spirituality. Everything that you do either helps or hurts. It’s a simple phrase and you have probably heard it before but have you considered the depths of it.

A great exercise to do is to write out a list of everything that you do and then to sort everything into either “no real value” or “Cumulative Value”.
Something that has cumulative value has a compounding effect that will build from one instance to another and will have either a positive or negative effect.
For example watching TV has no real value, however doing fitness training three times a week for an hour each time has a positive cumulative value, constantly eating junk food or chemically treated food has a negative cumulative value.

Throughout our life we build habits of how we spend our time. Building these habits we are often influenced by others, sometimes at a very young age before we can decide for ourselves. Even when we do make our own decisions we may have made it without considering all the factors.

Take being an accountant, you might want to be one because you are good with numbers and like improving processes, but have you considered the lifestyle of an accountant, sitting down all day, very low activity, postural challenges, often staring at a computer screen, work hours, pressure, consequences of mistakes etc (think about your job)

How much time do you spend being who you want to be, doing the things that you want to do, with the friends family or associates that you want to be seeing?

When considering how you spend your time think about your goals in the major areas of your life, think about the cumulative effect of how you spend your time and very importantly think about how healthy you want to be to live that exciting life?

By Michael Berry – Wellness consultant

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