Did you get started?

mick 300 300 300x298 Did you get started?So many people have new years resolutions or have the lets get fit for summer and then never get started or give up after one to two weeks.

1. Did you get started on improving the key areas of health and fitness in your life?

2. Are you still going?

Two very important questions. If you have answered yes to both and you are addressing nutrition, exercise and habits in your life then you are in good shape. A positive change in the right direction, as long as it is a lifestyle change not just short term, no matter how small is fantastic. Every step leads to another and another and before long you have lost a lot of weight, you have gone down 2-4 dress sizes and you are out doing adventure sports and events on the weekends loving life.

If you haven’t gotten started yet then don’t wait till tomorrow, next week, the next pay the next the next the next…….., it never comes, half the year is gone it is time to start now! Make the decision, and then start small, but start immediately.

If you have been putting it off for some time then get some help. Be accountable to someone, get them to have a vested interest in your health. Find a group of people that are moving in the same direction and tag along. Try some outdoor group training, eat more fruit and vegetables, drink more water, write out a list of habits and then start thinking about ways to improve that are achievable to you.

If anyone has held you back in the past then don’t tell them, just go out there and do it.

If you have stopped training for winter or your diet has gone pear shaped then you need to get going again!!! Make a change to your routine, if it was too dark then go somewhere light, if it was too cold then dress warmer or go inside, if you are too tired then sleep more, if you were training in the evening try at lunch time. Work shop your situation and make an effort. Even if you taper your efforts and plateau for winter then you wont have extra weight to lose in spring.

If you can sign up for some major fun runs, go dry for July, stay away from comfort foods and do some outdoors fitness training you will acclimatize to the changing season and make a big impact on your health.

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

~Harold R. McAlindon

By Michael – Director Vivos Active

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