The Source Bulk Foods Balgowlah

A revolution on an age old shopping concept – The Source Bulk Foods brings back personal service and provides a fun and interactive no waste shopping experience. You can choose from an amazing selection of bulk wholefoods, health foods and a huge range of paleo, gluten free, organic & vegan products.

The Source Bulk Foods Balgowlah
I have always believed that ‘we are what we eat’ and that health comes from making choices about wholefood nutrition to support the active, busy lives we all lead. Food should be the fuel to keep your body energised, the medicine to help manage ailments, and the art form of creating delicious meals for friends and family to enjoy.

I also have a passion for the environment and try to minimise my impact on the world that supports all of us. After all, it provides all the food and resources we need to survive, so doing our bit to help out simply makes sense. Small changes to how we live can have a big impact.

Combining my love of food and the environment, my wife and I have recently opened The Source Bulk Foods Balgowlah in Stocklands. We have over 300 products including protein powders, kombucha, nuts, seeds, grains, flours, rice, lentils, herbs & spices, muesli, honey, oil, healthy snacks and quality chocolate, many of which are organic, pesticide free products. The beauty of the store is that you can buy just the quantity you require and, while we have bags and containers you can use, we encourage you to bring your own containers to help curb the use of plastic bags.

Come in and browse around and see just how easy it is to make a choice for a healthier you and a healthier planet.

Stewart Smith

Balgowlah Shop 36, Stockland Balgowlah


Phone: 02 8964 0252


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