Walk Jog Run Program

outdoor group training5 200x300 Walk Jog Run ProgramIs a great place to start improving your fitness. We cater for people who have done no training at all and are very slow walkers to runners that do a longer distance. Put simply we meet, warm up and than take off to different turn points along a safe easy to navigate track. Along the way you get to spend some one on one time with your personal trainer talking about how you are going with achieving your goals.

In this class you will improve your cardiovascular fitness so that you are fitter, better able to control your weight, you will be able to go faster for longer, improve bone and muscle density and feel fantastic. We want you to be able to do anything that you put your mind to.

In a cardio class you can move at your own pace from a walk to run. We will use a large variety of training to help keep you moving and most importantly improving.

  • Distance training
  • Fartlek speed play
  • Power walking
  • No written contracts,
  • No joining fees,
  • Lots of payment options,
  • Extensions to make up missed training,
  • You can book by email, over the phone, or just show up
  • A free Week to try all the sessions
  • Training from as little as $7.80 a session

The walk jog run class changes location each month so that we get to do different tracks and see different scenery.

Check with Michael where the class is meeting for this month.

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