Outdoor Group Personal Training

group neal2 200 x 200 150x150 Outdoor Group Personal TrainingWhat is the difference between outdoor group training with anyone and outdoor group personal training you might ask?

Having the same personal trainer at every single one of your training sessions is a huge advantage.

  • You are an individual with special consideration not just a number in the group
  • You have a motivated healthy person taking a vested interest in you and your wellness goals
  • Accountability from session to session
  • Personal contact via sms and email throughout the day / week
  • Calls to see how you are feeling, to give you encouragement and keep on track
  • Having a Fitness Australia registered personal trainer assures set standards of education and professionalism
  • Working with a registered personal trainer you can claim on your private health fund (pending fund type and level of cover)
  • Building a fantastic relationship over time
  • More quality personal feedback and encouragement
  • Variations and case management if you have an injury set back
  • Being introduced or networked with people, products or services that you want but didn’t know about.
  • and the list goes on

You most probably have a funds manager looking after your super, you probably have an account that looks after your tax, you may have a family gp who you see for medical issues, you had teachers looking after your educational development, for everything else you have have your parents and friends guiding you or you are following whatever you believe you should do based on what you have learnt from life experience to date, magazines, blogs, books, videos etc

Today my trainer helped me to wake up, get through the morning training, stretch and feel great. While I was at work he found me a great healthy recipe to try, organized for a kayak trip for my friends on a weekend coming up at a discounted rate, set up a new business alliance to get me a better deal on fresh fruit and veg home delivered and sent me a reminder about eating well around lunch time……. who’s looking out for you?

why not have a personal trainer help you to achieve soemthing that you may never have done before or to get back to where you want to be…..

Outdoor Group Personal Training – Great results, cost effective, class flexibility, fun and social.   start today

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