Night Running in Manly Area

We train all year round. Time table

At our main training park we have big field sports lighting.

When we leave the park we use head lights. I encourage everyone who runs regularly to have their own light but I use a super bright Ay-up lighting system that is 700 lumens and if the group is close together I can illuminate the entire area.

As you can see in the shots below the difference between no light and a really good head light is massive for safety.

Trying other peoples lights first is great as in a shop you can’t really get a feel for the what the light is really like.

What is a good head light? (depends on the purpose) we are talking city running and trail running

1. Needs to be a bright even light with a large enough area illuminated in both the close ground and the middle distance.

2. The battery needs to last long enough for your intended use.
a) rechargeable for frequent training use
b) normal batteries for extended use on an expedition or all night runs.

3. Needs to be light weight and comfortable
a) 3 point harness with a top strap is generally better than just the one around the side
b) Having the battery at the back of the head helps balance the weight on the head or having it on an extension cord and putting it in your running vest or bum pack can also be good.
c) wearing a buff or bandana under the light to add some padding can be good

4.Needs to be water resistant or water proof

5. Have multiple configurations to fit with other activities or circumstances
a) reactive lighting adjusts power levels and illumination automatically
b) manual power levels, strobe, red light (better night vision)
c) has a battery pack but also can take normal batteries

Some recommended lights

My personal favorite Ay- up Lighting System

A range of lights ranked with lumen and burn time (great store)

A great comparison site where you can see beam patterns on a light lane and really see what light a head light puts out

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