High Intensity

This is not a cardio boxing or toning class, it is not a boot camp session, it is a high intensity fitness session.

The sessions will involve characteristics of everything and will change from week to week with a heavy slant based on key up coming events.

Some sessions will be at Nolan Reserve but the majority will be held at different locations (within 15 min drive time of Nolan reserve) based on the style of training we are doing.

Some sessions will be water sessions (don’t have to be a strong swimmer), some will be beach. Expect some hills and stairs. In winter some may be in the dark (OH&S will always be considered top priority).Training will go for an hour (sometimes I will request that you start warm up prior to the class commencing if possible). I will endeavour to but not guarantee that we will be finished within an hour.
You will be expected to be there prior to the activity starting to be fair to the others in the group (if you’re late we may no longer be at the meeting point).

This is a private class. To preserve the nature of the class you have to pass a fitness test to join. The planning and training is more involved hence the minimum cost is $20/session, to be prepaid in a block of four. These classes are non refundable, if you miss one they can not be made up later. However you can attend a regular group session class instead. If there is an electrical storm, class may be inside or cancelled. If a class is cancelled the set will be extended by one week. This should be in addition to your training instead of a replacement.

You will need to have in the car for every session, but may not require, running shoes, small water bottle and a bigger spare, boxing gloves, swim goggles, towel and bathers, light rain jacket, spare clothes and a well constructed small day pack (that you are able to run with).
There will be homework
You should attend at least one other session per week with me.

When you want to join the class you have to pass the entrance test to the minimum standard with reasonable form. By the end of the first four weeks you must be able to pass the preferred stats with excellent technique in order to continue.
I highly suggest that you have a massage at a minimum of once per month to keep in top condition so that you can train hard.
If you have any sign of an injury I will refer you to a specialist straight away.

Push ups micks preferred preferred minimum guys minimum girls
full from toes pass targets 40 21 35 18
Level 1 50 48 25 42 22
level 2 70 56 29 49 25
3sec cadence pass 70 70 65 65
Level 1 90 84 84 78 78
level 2 100 98 98 91 91
2.4km pass 11:18 13:30 11:48 14:00
Level 1 8:20 10:10 12:09 10:37 12:36
level 2 7:40 9:02 10:48 9:26 11:12

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