Boxing Training

Boxing Training
Boxing is fantastic class, it has a cardio base but includes some toning components. One of the great things about a boxing class is that we use both upper and lower body muscles so you get more of the body moving, expend a great deal of energy, burn off some stress and learn a few new tricks along the way. If you have a lower body injury and can’t run you may well find that you can still box with your upper body. Boxing like the other classes can be joined by most people. A beginner can box very slow and focus on technique while building up their endurance. If you are a veteran then you can go fast, double up on sets and run further then all the others to get an excellent work out.

  • Basic Combinations
  • Speed and Power drills
  • Agility Exercises
  • Shuttles
  • Abdominal and Core Exercises
  • Circuits
  • No written contracts,
  • No joining fees,
  • Lots of payment options,
  • Extensions to make up missed training,
  • You can book by email, over the phone, or just show up
  • A free Week to try all the sessions
  • Training from as little as $7.80 a session

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