outdoor fitness training kayaking2

On Sunday we met up at the Spitt Bridge and went for a kayak on the harbour. For the first time we went around the point under the bridge and checked out all the magnificent boats at the docks and at anchor. We then took in all the lovely water front property as we paddled [...]


Willpower is often described as the ability to do something that’s tough - to resist a short term pleasure in pursuit of a longer term goal. Willpower and self-control are undeniably similar concepts, however, I was intrigued to read more from Kelly McGonigal about the science of willpower and felt obliged to share some of her findings as [...]

pelvic training

When I was at university we covered anatomy in great detail from head to waist then somehow seemed to skip the tricky parts of the pelvis and move down to hip, knee and ankle.  That was 20 plus years ago.  Thankfully now there is a trickle (excuse the pun) of good quality studies focussing on [...]


Team check out this great article about posture and smart phone usage, but while you are reading it also think about forward head posture and running. When you run you put up to 10 times your body weight through your feet, less with jogging and walking, check out the pressure differences below and then think [...]


Good nutrition is the fundamental building block of a healthy body – both inside and out.  The food you eat has the potential to nourish every cell in your body and is your nutritional insurance policy to live longer, feel energised and look radiant. I love starting my day off with a super – smoothie [...]

optimising work station

It’s an all too common modern problem.  Many people now work at desks looking at computer screens for prolonged periods of time.  Technology has evolved so quickly that many of us now also work at home on laptops and I-Pads but unfortunately humans have not yet evolved to be able to withstand prolonged static postures.  [...]


Let’s talk about the 3 causes of back pain (one of which is causing YOUR back pain) and how you get a diagnosis from a doctor. The sole purpose of getting diagnosed is to rule out the nasty stuff. That’s it. Nothing else. I’m talking about the really rare things like cancer, infections, fractures and [...]


I first discovered the benefits of these amazing milks when i first visited Kamalaya my favorite wellness retreat in Koh Samui.  They are fantastic blended with frozen banana, strawberry or blueberry when making smoothies, or served over a bowl of  bircher made from raw seeds and fresh grated apple. Nut and seed milks are a [...]

fun run recovery

Last month I penned some pre-race preparation strategies for you to consider when running in an organised fun run or competition – regardless of the distance.  But what about post-race recovery?  And what should you do if you sustain an injury on the day?  Here are my top tips: Keep Moving Walk around after the [...]

Mick and Richard

In the depths of winter some people escape to a tropical climate for a few weeks of holiday in the sun only to come back to a cold climate and the reality of work....... On the weekend we took a trip up to The Blue Mountains and celebrated the season of winter with a Christmas [...]


This is a delicious and wonderfully nourishing breakfast to help promote energy and vitality. I love porridge – it brings comfort and satisfaction to every mouthful and will keep you warm and cozy through these cold winter months. My favourite is buckwheat and I love to add warming aromatics such as cinnamon, ginger and star [...]

fun run

Fun Run season is very much upon us with the City to Surf, Bay Run, Sydney 10 and 5km and the Sydney Running Festival all coming up on the calendar over the next few months.  Many of you will be keen to achieve that goal you have been training so hard for whether it’s a [...]

mick sky dive

Why just work on your fitness to keep in shape when you can also work on your confidence and explore your potential? We recently went indoor sky diving, yes that's right indoor. There is a vertical wind tunnel out at Penrith that allows you to sky dive in a safe manner and learn basic or [...]


If you need a warm nourishing meal that’s quick and easy to make then you can’t go past my warm broccoli salad with kale, lime and roasted tamari almonds. It’s my go to wellness recipe that makes you feel amazing after eating it. Delicious on its own or served with extra protein such as steamed white [...]


Tendons are notoriously tricky to manage but the earlier you identify a problem and develop some strategies to treat it, the faster your recovery.  Tendons are those structures in your body that anchor your muscles to your bones.  Their structure is complex but basically comprises of collagen fibres, tendon cells called tenocytes and a matrix [...]


Classic Migraines are sometimes unresponsive to medication. People are now looking for other methods to relieve migraine pain for fear of taking medications for long periods of time and its side effects. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers an easy alternative with Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture having no side effects if prescribed properly by a fully [...]


Often us Females complain at being at the mercy of our Hormones. (Our partners or family may also have an opinion on our behaviour during Period Time!) Mood swings, irritability, Painful Periods and Irregular periods can prevent women from enjoying their day to day lives, including exercising. Chinese Medicine has a strong reputation in assisting [...]


Electrolyte is a scientific term for salts, specifically ions. These drinks are designed to simultaneously rehydrate and refuel during exercise. It is now generally accepted that a compositional range of 4-8 g/100 ml carbohydrate and 23-69 mg/100mL sodium is needed for replenishment of carbs en electrolytes. A higher sodium (an electrolyte) concentration is needed to restore fluid [...]


The Fun Run season is well and truly upon us and nowadays there seems to be an explosion of amateur runners participating in anything from 2km to marathons and beyond.   ITBFS (Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome) is one of those debilitating injuries that can stop a runner in their tracks and is not just limited to [...]


I was brought up on sauerkraut.  My Great Polish Aunt was a specialist sauerkraut maker and I remember us as kids always having it with our meals. The sour flavour comes from the process of lacto-fermentation, similar to the pickling of cucumbers. But instead of soaking the cabbage in a vinegary brine solution, sauerkraut preparation requires [...]

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