Time to Detox?

What is toxicity?

Toxicity is literally how poisonous a substance is. Some things are very poisonous, and even a small amount can be very harmful (e.g. arsenic). Many substances are only slightly poisonous, so that small amounts are able to be consumed without harm. If you have a large exposure to these milder poisons (e.g. pesticides), then over time they can overwhelm your ability to “detoxify” or remove them from your body. Also, an exposure to several mild poisons at once is much more dangerous than one at a time. One of the body’s defense mechanisms when faced with toxicity is to store the harmful chemicals in your fat tissue, bones and other tissue. This means that these poisons can be stored for many years in our tissues, becoming an ongoing source of ill health.

Toxins come in two broad categories, environmental (external) and endogenous (made in your body).  Environmental toxins include things like heavy metals, chemicals, drugs, bacterial and microbial toxins. These are present in the air, water and food that we consume.  Endogenous toxins include hormones and other chemicals that are produced in the body, and chemicals produced by bacteria in your digestive system that enter your bloodstream (see Figure 1).

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Figure 1: Sources of toxins.


Any disease can be made worse by toxicity; however, some of the most common signs and symptoms of too much toxicity in the body include:

• Recurrent headaches
• Muscle aching and weakness
• Nerve pain or numbness
• Recurrent infections
• Poor short-term memory and concentration
• Sensitivity to environmental chemicals, odors and or nutritional supplements
• Chronic fatigue and lethargy
• Anxiety and/or mood swings


There are two factors that influence the toxic load your body is under and the impact this has on your health. The first is the amount and type of toxin that you are exposed to; the second is the resources your body has to deal with it, or how well you “detoxify”. That is why two people with similar toxic exposure can respond very differently, with one having no noticeable effects and the other developing chronic illness. The first person has a better capacity to detoxify. This program is designed to address both issues, by reducing your toxic exposure, and also improving your detoxification ability. Factors that influence detoxification capacity are:

• Liver function
• Kidney function
• Nutrient intake and stores
• Bowel function
• Acid/alkaline balance of the body
• Stress levels
• Sleep and rest
• Digestion and absorption of food


When detoxifying your body, it is important that all the key detoxification organs and/or systems within the body are cleansed. It is also vitally important for optimal detoxification that each of these organs and/or body systems is treated in the right order, otherwise you may experience unpleasant side effects from your detoxification and you may end up with few of the health benefits that a good detoxification program can offer you.

start your detox today!

By Millie from MU at Power Healing

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