The Hormone Rollercoaster – How to feel more in control of your Period Cycle

Chinese Medicine 210x300 The Hormone Rollercoaster   How to feel more in control of your Period CycleOften us Females complain at being at the mercy of our Hormones. (Our partners or family may also have an opinion on our behaviour during Period Time!) Mood swings, irritability, Painful Periods and Irregular periods can prevent women from enjoying their day to day lives, including exercising. Chinese Medicine has a strong reputation in assisting Women to bounce back and feel in balance again. Here’s how.

Alternative to The Pill
Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs can provide an alternative to using the contraceptive pill as a “treatment” for irregular and painful periods. Often women don’t like being on The Pill or medication to control their hormones long term as there are side effects and its a “one size fits all” approach and may make them feel worse emotionally, anxious or depressed or even affect their libido. In particular the energy slumps and lack of motivation can prevent us from getting out there and EXERCISING – one of the best ways to optimise and regulate our hormones naturally!

Acupuncture can regulate
Stimulating the brain and nervous system, providing feedback is one of the major ways Acupuncture works in the body. The hypothalamus gland in the brain is the “mission control” centres of hormones including Lutenizing Hormone, Follicle Stimulating Hormone which in turn influences Oestrogen & Progesterone. There are numerous acupoints we can use to initiate ovulation, initiate a period or boost hormone levels.

Selecting the right Chinese Herbs such as Dong Quai Root, White Peony, Rhemannia and Buplerum can do anything from aim to minimise clots and pain in a painful period, increase blood production in a light period, stimulate ovulation or stabilise an irregular period cycle. There are numerous options to customise a herbal formula to suit your Period Pattern and symptoms.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) describes various Period types and here are two examples:

The Tired Type – A Kidney or Spleen pattern Presenting with fatigue, exhaustion, running on empty feeling, poor or no ovulation, skipping periods, period delay, poor fertility, tired in the afternoons, tired during menstruation, lack of motivation, light or heavy periods that bleed for more than 7 days. These women really need their energy reserves replenished and Kidneys supported better.

The Stuck Type- A Liver Pattern
Women that experience PMT are prime examples of when Liver Qi gets stuck and stagnant. Mood swings, irritability, anger, teariness, clotty periods, PMDD sufferers, painful periods, mid cycle spotting, some digestive bloating, headaches and breast tenderness are all classic Stuck Liver Qi signs that alert us to supporting to Liver better.

Research is being conducted and has been described as “promising” due to acupuncture’s ability to “significantly reduce pain” in cases of painful periods and endometriosis and more studies need to be conducted to produce more supportive evidence. The anecdotal reports from my clients generally show a trend of reduction in pain, improvement of mood and emotions and a more regular period cycle. Increased energy levels are just a bonus!

For more information about how you can use TCM, Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs to regulate your period cycle, please contact me via facebook or 9938 1090 at The Family Wellness Centre.


Brought to you by Katika Funnell – Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Practitioner

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